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I have a few questions about The Starblade Chronicles. I've really been pondering these things....
What would have John Gregory said/thought if he witnessed Tom die? He's wittnessed a lot of apprentices dying, but I'm wondering if he would feel different for Tom.... Also, when did you think of having Tom die? Was it something you had been thinking about for a while? In the Spook's Revenge Tom saw the Chipenden house abandoned and mentioned his death could be one cause. Tom didn't use his ability to slow time with Kauspetnd! Did he try but fail? Will we ever find out Jenny's real name? Is there any old character from the Wardstone Chronicles that make another appearance in this new series? And lastly, is the second book going to be in Tom and Jenny's perspective like the first?
I don't expect all of my questions to get answers due to spoilers but thank you for your consideration!


John Gregory would have been particularly sad at Tom’s death. He was the best of his apprentices.
Tom cannot always slow time and that gift weakens and strengthens in ways that Tom cannot control.
The idea of Tom actually dying was not planned; it came to me very suddenly.
That book will be from Tom and Jenny’s perspective with Tom doing most of the narration.
We will find out Jenny’s real name eventually and it could well be used against her!
Slither and Alice both return in ‘The Dark Army’.

by Suzanna