Questions & Answers

When you start to write a book how is the core idea that "triggers" the entire story coming to you?

What I mean is that core idea where you say: Alright, that's my entry to the story, now I can really start writing sth. because I know the basic idea, e.g."The Kobalos are planning a war against mankind, Grimalkin journeys north with Tom to prevent it."

Do you write down questions of what a story could be à la "what if this or that happened"? Do you have a walk into the green or sit at the breakfast table and suddenly you get a flash of inspiration that makes you say: Of course! That's what the story should be about? Do journeys inspire you? Do you get sometimes inspirations from movies, books or the news on TV? Do the characters in a way "talk to you about what they want to happen"? Do the basic ideas come to you in dreams?

I really would like to know about that "trigger moment" after which all the other elements, characters and minor ideas fall into their respective places.


When I start a book I don't know everything that will happen, I tend to discover the narrative but I always start with one or two good ideas and go from there. I have a brown envelope and whenever I get an idea I jot it down and put it in the envelope. I like to have at least a couple of good ideas before I start writing.

by Dieter