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Hi Joseph thanks for making the best books in the world. The Spook's series have inspired me so that I write level 4C/ 4B writing at the age of 9. I think that in the new series, a new darkness you could add a 'dark spook', a spook who destroys the light and hates the good spook. Also, for the final book of the new darkness books, could there be a super powerful witch who brings back all of the old enemies. It could be cool if an Old God teamed up with the spook. Also, Alice was my favourite character, so when the witch brings back witches and old enemies, could she (or it) bring back Alice?


I’m glad that you enjoy the books and thanks also for your ideas!
As for Alice, I already intend to bring her back in the second book of the new series. There she plays an important part in the story and meets up with Tom again.
There already was a sort of dark spook in ‘The Spook’s Secret’. Do you remember Morgan who had been trained by John Gregory?

by Dan