Questions & Answers

Dear Mr. Delaney,
I love your books! After I read them for the first time I would always dream about Mr. Gregory and becoming his Apprentice. I am always inspired by great authors like you. I have been wanting to start my own serious for a while now. I know it takes a lot of hard work and endless nights of writing to finish a book. Clear thinking becomes clear writing. I was wondering if you could give me some tips? Some authors have to read soup can labels before they can sit down and type. Did you have a similar way? Sorry for all the questions. I guess by now your probably used to them. Thank you,
Brooklyn Reeves


I always read and answer my emails before starting to write. That is my ‘ritual’! It’s a lot better than reading soup cans and hopefully achieves more! There is a blog on this site called "how to get published". Of course there are no guarantees, and it is just some of my suggestions for what might help. Basically you need to write every day, read widely, keep a note of your ideas and be patient.

by Brooklyn