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I'm just re-reading "The Spook's tale and other stories". It seems to me that when Alice meets Mab for the first time that Alice already insults and attacks Mab before she has a real reason to do that. It really must have been "hate-on-first-sight", or? ;-)

But I just wonder, if you might one day tell us as novel or short story (from Mab's perspective) how whe became the youngest leader ever of a witch coven? That sounds like it could be an interesting story about malicious deeds, intrigue, double-playing competitors against each other (just my imagination), blood-shed and Mab out-smarting everyone else as she seems to be a quite unscrupulous, cunning and manipulative character? It definitely would close a story gap.


Yes but Alice knew all about Mab and they are from rival Pendle witch clans. Also there is the jealousy factor with Mab showing interest in Tom. They were doomed to become rivals and enemies! Maybe one day there could be a story from Mab's perspective, I am looking for good ideas!

by Dieter