Questions & Answers

Hi, I have a series of questions. Well first why do you regret killing Bill and if you hadn't killed him would Jenny be his apprentice? In the Dark Army will Tom have to choose between Alice and Jenny or will the 2 girls be friends? And is Grimalkin going to help Tom and why does she cry at the end of A New Darkness when Tom died. And does have two more times to die, because of Mab's look in to the future?


I regret killing Bill because he was an interesting character and could have had more adventures and made big contributions to the ongoing narrative. I don’t think he would have accepted Jenny as his apprentice. Only Tom has sufficient flexibility of mind to do that.
The relationship between Alice and Jenny is still developing but they are not very friendly in ‘The Dark Army’!
Grimalkin likes Tom – that’s why she cried!
Don’t trust Mab’s prophecies. She could be wrong! Never trust a girl with pointy shoes.

by James