Questions & Answers

I just wondered: Could descendants of the sort of witches you portray in your series (unless you don't intend to destroy the whole world in the very very last book) live in today's world?
What would they be like? Would they live in secret in today's big cities? Would they have normal jobs and live a seemingly "normal" life while doing their evil things in secret and meeting for their witch circle rituals in secret?

What would be their relationship to technology and electricity? How would magic interact with those things?


If the witches from my books lived in today’s world they could have a house in a city or more likely still prefer Pendle. They would not like electricity which could light up the night. Bulbs would explode or fail and TVs malfunction but they would like computers because they would probably hunt for prey using social media. Witches would be particularly active on dating sites using spells of ‘glamour’ to fake their photographs. Men would go missing or be found dead in canals either drained of blood or missing their thumbs.
Witches would seem to lead ordinary lives during the day and might be teachers, models, tabloid journalists, agony aunts or estate agents. Many would probably work in hospitals where blood and bones are easily accessed. At night they would hunt. They are probably out there now. I think I’ve met a few but so far have managed to keep my thumbs!

by Dieter