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After reading "A New Darkness" I'm wondering what powers exactly Tom and Jenny shares, both being "7th", and in what ways their powers differ. Not including Tom's addictional powers from Mam, it seems like Jenny has the same "7th" powers as Tom plus some extra. Is that correct, or did I miss some powers only men get?

Also, any plans for a roleplaying game based on this world? I've made my own Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition conversion, and there are soooo many questions once you dig into it :-)


Jenny has roughly the same core powers as Tom. She can talk to the dead and resist some dark magic. However she cannot tell when someone will die soon – that is one of his gifts that he rarely employs. Jenny does have two additional powers. She can almost make herself invisible and has a powerful gift of empathy that sometimes almost becomes mind-reading.
The development of games is left to Penguin Random House. Anybody wishing to develop one linked to spooks should approach the ‘Rights’ Department there. Glad to hear you are enjoying working on role playing, It would certainly lend itself to the world of the Spook.

by Henrik