Questions & Answers

Hello! First I would like to say that your books have made a very big impact on me so I appreciate that a lot and I hope you can see and respond to my questions !!

1) If Grimalkin and Alice were to oppose one another in a battle who would you say would win and would it be close?
2) How did you come up with the idea to write the series?

Thank you very much I wont ask too many questions all though I could all day. I hope you can answer my questions and I cant wait for january 7th !!


I think that at the moment Alice has such power that she would win. But after that she would never be as strong again. It would damage her badly. I first got the idea for the Spook's Apprentice when I moved to a village and discovered there was a local boggart. I made a note in my notebook about a man who hunts boggarts and years later when I needed a story idea at short notice I went back through my notebooks and found that. That was the idea that got me published and grew into the series.

by Griffin