Questions & Answers

Do you answer all the questions that fans ask you? Or do you pick those that you can answer without revealing spoilers. I recently asked a question and since it is possible you did not get it i will repeat :
If for some reason alice is still interested in tom but she is forced to stay with lukrasta would she cheat on him with tom? What about tom? Would he go with it? Do toms morals come before his heart?
Also has there ever been a moment when was able to guess or predict exactly what would happen in your books?


I would like to answer your question but then it would spoil your reading of ‘The Dark Army’. Your theory might well turn out to be correct but we shall see! All I can say is that the behaviour of Alice will be fully explained and she will fight alongside Tom against the dark in that book.
I hope my books haven't become predictable!

by rue