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Hello Joseph , I was wondering do you have a favorite chapter from all the Spook's books ? And if you have , why ? There are some chapters in different books , full of tension , which I just loved . For example in the Spook's Mistake , " Trail of Blood " and " Pursuit " are some great chapters , when Arkwright was caught by a witch water and Tom had to face the dangers alone and go back to Chipenden . They are full of tension and have lots of plot twists . Or something similar in " Blood " when Tom had to face the problems with the strigoica who " killed " the Spook and went to her house and then ran away , and then got back to her house and ran away again . I was also very surprised by some chapters in " Revenge " , notably " The Dark Vast Tide " and " The Tower of Time " . A great mysterious atmosphere ! I always wondered , when you wrote " The Spook's Nightmare " , did you think that " Sacrifice " was a too fast and dramatic book and wanted to slow down the action a little ?


Yes I think it’s true that the ‘Sacrifice’ was big and full of action so, with ‘Nightmare’ I wanted to get back to a more typical Spook’s book. I don’t have a favourite chapter from the books but I do like the scene in ‘The Spook’s Apprentice’ when Tom confronts Old Mother Malkin on the river bank.

by Horace