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This may seem like a really random and weird question but how exactly is the boggart able to cook? Does kratch also handle other household chores like laundry and cleaning? I mean you could say that tom is almost like a really rich person with a housemaid yo do all the work around the house?
Also out of the main characters who is the laziest? If they had like a sitcom, who would be the richest? Who would be the most flirty? Who would get married in the end? (You know in the very unlikely chance that there is a happy ending)
I apologise for the strange question. I have been watching too much Friends.
p.s. do you like Friends? What do you like to watch on tv?


I don’t know how the boggart cooks because it will not allow anybody to watch! Tom got a clout for going down to breakfast too early.
The laziest character is the young Spook Johnson in the e-book called ‘The Seventh Apprentice’.
The richest (if she wanted money) would be Grimalkin because she can take what she wants and most people aren’t brave enough to stop her.
Nobody will be sure of breathing to the end of the final book not to mention getting married!
I don’t watch much TV other than the news because I’m too busy writing or reading

by rue