Questions & Answers

Hello! I just have a few questions and I really hope you can respond to them.

1) I know you did not have any say when they made the movie but would you rather have casted a boy who is about toms age when the series begins or ben barnes who 34?

2) Is grimalkin going to have a battle in your second book of star blade chronicles?

3) Is grimalkin the most fierce warrior would you say in the world of the last apprentice?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you can answer my questions


I would have liked to see a Tom who was closer to the age of Tom in the books but I do think Ben Barnes is a good actor and was right for the part as written in that script.
As the book is called ‘The Dark Army’ I think we can guarantee a battle.
Yes Grimalkin is a very fierce warrior and has no equal.

by Griffin