Questions & Answers

Just read your latest book and loved it and I would like to ask some questions.

How is it that a tribe from one country and their new god who want to kill half of humanity and inslave the other half are considered a worse threat than the devil himself who is evil incarnate and had influence over every country and wished to kill/enslave humans and all other life indiscrimantly for eternity?

Alice is a witch alined with pan and so is not evil like other malevelont witches, is that because other malevelont witches were always alined with the fiend who was evil while pan is not. and wouldnt the fact that Alice is the fiends daughter mean her power comes from him and would aline her with him anyway?

Will tom at some point come into his full power and become some sort of super spook lamia hybrid god and beat the snot out of Talkus in the final battle?

Thank you if you can answer any of these.


Now the Devil is destroyed they are a new threat. Whether worse or not is open to discussion! I think the Devil harmed all humanity but did not seek total destruction. But Talkus, the Kobalos god, wants to kill all human men and enslave the women. So that is death and terror on a larger scale.

Although Alice is the Fiend’s daughter she wasn’t very fond of him to say the least! Her power is innate and she does not need to draw it from the Fiend (who has been destroyed anyway). Pan is the god of life and although he is capable of great cruelty and does not conform to any human morality, it is a more benign form of darkness that radiates from him.

There is always the chance that one day Tom might come into his full power. I am open to that possibility.

by Rory