Questions & Answers

Hi, Mr Delaney, i wanted to say that i truly love your books and iv been following them for many years now and its become one of my most beloved series. Im happy to know that after the starblade chronicles that youll be continuing the series, although with another character. My question for you is that would it be possible, with some form of magic, to bring back the dead? If so would you ever consider using a method such as this to bring back Bill or Master Gregory? I know there are forms of magic that allow one to bring the spirit of a character back but bringing them back from the dead might be an interesting plot device. Thank you for your time and thank you for the book series that changed my life.


Thanks for your ideas. Bringing back the dead is a useful plot device and I might consider it for a future book – in fact I am writing something similar to that at the moment in the third book in the series called ‘The Dark Assassin’!

by Isaiah