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My main question is can a witch go to the light ( go to heavenl)
Because Tom's mom wasn't in the dark when Alice was there. Only the Lamia Witch how died by the Malkin tower.
And could Alice go to the light when she dies and live there with Tom forever?
Because I don't think she is malevolent witch. everything she did was to help Tom. To protect him and fight the dark.
And now that she has changed (dont won't to spoiler something) has proven that she was and is a benevolent witch
(a good person how fights for the light like Tom)
That can't be that only why she was born in a witch family she can't go to the light.
That means that Tom also has to go to the dark because he is half lamia.
As i said it doesn't metter where you where born only what you did during your lifetime.


Yes despite people saying she has gone to the dark, Alice is essentially benign. Perhaps she can achieve salvation because of Tom? We shall see. In theory a witch could go to the light. We don’t chose the family we are born into.

All that is for the future. Perhaps they’ll both end up with Pan (unless Pan is destroyed by Golgoth and Talkus!).

by Arbi