Questions & Answers

Hello Mr. Delaney. I love reading your books and they are what inspired me to read other books and think of my own story. But back to this, I have a few questions for the next book, The Dark Army, like when does it come out in the US and will characters like the dead Agnes Sowerbutts, Judd Brinscall, Judd Atkins, Thorne, or Kratch play a part in it? And also in the Spook's Sacrifice, are there names for the demons on page 260? If Mam/Zenobia can communicate with her sisters then can she communicate with Tom? Thank you! for the answer and the great series!


There are names but I’ve forgotten what they were because it is now over seven years since I wrote it!

Yes Mam could talk to Tom if she wished but the dead mostly leave us alone to get on with our own lives. Mam would only communicate if things were really desperate. They get pretty desperate in ‘Dark Assassin’!
Thorne and Kratch play a part.

by Harrison