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Hi my name is Aleah and I am from Cardinal Allen High school in Fleetwood. I am 13 and love with your books and am in love with your new book "The dark army". I cant wait for your new book "The Dark Assassin".
I know you have only just published "The Dark Army" but i was wondering when "The Dark Assassin" will come out. And what will happen to Grimalkin and the Koblas. I know i should wait but it is eating me up!
I was also wondering if you have a grandson called William that also goes to Cardinal Allen because he says that you are his granddad. I know that it might be personal but i was just wondering.
I believe that you live local to my school, Cardinal Allen and i was wondering if you could visit sometime, if you think you can then please get in touch ASAP and we could sort it out. Thank-you


No I have several grandsons but none called William. I would be very happy to visit your school any time from late April. You can email my publicist to set up a time.
You are right, you will have to wait to find out what happens in The Dark Assassin, I don't know myself yet.
Glad to hear you enjoyed Dark Army.

by Aleah