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One of the things movies have seen in the past few years with films like "Lucy", "Mad Max: Fury Road", "Sicario" or "Star Wars: The Force awakens" is the rise of the female hero (2017 will even give us a "Wonder Woman" movie) and so I just like to ask if you would consider to write a series with a female hero as the main protagonist?

Your books have always featured great fascinating and also wonderful ambivalent female characters (that's part why I love them so much) but up to yet your series' main protagonists (apart from occasional single adventures of female characters) have always been male. But I think you are especially great in creating female characters who don't conform to usual clichees. I'm still holding out hope for a "Young Grimalkin trilogy" ;-) or "The as yet untold exploits of Mab Mouldheel" or whatever you may have in store for us in this respect! ;-)

I love your books, keep up the good work!!!


Yes there is always the possibility that I'll write a story with a female protagonist being the main character. Of course that did happen with the Spook's book 'I Am Grimalkin' where she narrates the action. I particularly like your idea of a 'Young Grimalkin' trilogy! Maybe I'll find time to write it someday but at the moment my schedule is fixed for the next couple of years. after the 'Dark Assassin' (featuring Grimalkin and Tom as narrators) I have to write 'Arena 13 Book 3'. After that we shall see!

by Dieter