Questions & Answers

Dear Mr Delaney,

I love your books and I have 2 questions for you:

Is there any chance you could link me to some artwork of Alice of how she looks like in the dark army? I have seen Tom and Jenny, and I assume that Grimalkin looks about the same as she did on her cover but I don't know how Alice looks since she has changed alot in apperance since her book.

I know that you've saide that only Grimalkin and Tom narrates "The Dark Assassin" but is there any chance that you might consider giving Alice at least one POV chapter in the coming book?



The only artwork is on the cover of the Alice book.

I always picture Alice as she is described in ‘The Spook’s Apprentice’ when Tom first meets her. She is a pretty girl with dark hair and high cheekbones. Her dress is tied at the waist with string and, most importantly, she wears pointy shoes. Now she wears green and brown. There is an updated description of Alice in ‘The Dark Army’ when she is contrasted with Jenny.

by peter