Questions & Answers

Dear Joseph, I've just finished reading your last book: "the Dark Army" and I really enjoyed it! wish it would go on and on, I love Tom, Alice and Grimalkin for whom I am rooting now after she started fighting in the Dark. Good for her!
I was wondering whether you'd give Tom new powers? He is half Lamia after all, so there must be something he can become? In their desperate fight against the fierce Kobalos warriors and their cruel mages, not to mention Talkos the new God, Tom, Alice and their allies could use some never seen before powers. I thought that Pan could activate Tom's potential to be the ultimate hunter of the Dark but I believe that Mam could help too. Jenny has been a bit annoying and very judgemental towards the "witches" even though she witnessed that they are their most powerful allies against the Kobalos!
I suspect that Grimalkin will fight against their enemies inside the Dark? Thanks for the great read! Best wishes! KB


Tom doesn’t get any new powers in the ‘Starblade’ books but we did see his wounds start to scale over suggesting his lamia inheritance. If I write more Spook’s books I will consider that.

by KB