Questions & Answers

I have come late to the series but have greatly enjoyed reading all the books in the Wardstone series and have a found special place in my memories of these books so far. I have to say though that I found the betrayal of Alice very depressing indeed and I felt broke a core thread of the books. The growing love and affection between the two, for me, was one of the few positive constants in Toms life and when she betrayed him I actually did feel a physical hurt and quite down. I have read the book where she explains and the finally get together but the shock and pain of the betrayal in other book still linger. Can I ask that you please let their love and relationship out last all their trials and tasks, I so much want this series to stay a glorious memory and enjoyment of reading. Would it be too much too ask?


I am now working on the final book in the trilogy. Both Tom and Alice play major parts but, sorry, I cannot reveal the outcome with a spoiler.
I’m glad that you enjoyed the books but I think that a major part of the pleasure of reading fiction should be uncertainty. If the story is predictable I find no pleasure in reading it. So you need to wait and see!

by Bruce