Questions & Answers

Hi Mr Delaney, I am a massive fan of your books and I can't thank you enough for the amazing stories that you bring to life! I've followed Tom's adventures from the start and with every book they seem to get more and more exciting! Anyhow, I was wondering how many books will be part of the star blade chronicles? It would truly be a shame if it was only set to be just a trilogy...

I truly appreciate all the hard work you and your colleagues put into delivering such a tale! It has truly impacted my early adulthood and late teenage years like no book really has!


I am working on ‘The Dark Assassin’ which could, in theory, be the last Tom Ward adventure but I already have an idea for more. I already have a new idea for a story featuring Tom Ward as the Chipenden Spook. It is something that I will be discussing with my publisher during the next few months. I find it hard to accept that it has all really come to an end.

by Scott