Questions & Answers

Just saw the in my opinion very beautiful cover for the upcoming "The Dark Assassin" and wanted to say that I approve of it very much (after I found the one for the first book, "A new darkness" a bit lacklustre) - this here is very beautiful! I do understand the character on the cover is Grimalkin, right (I see the scissors... ;-))?

I hope the nice little black inside illustrations (of the softcover version when it comes out) will also be back again as I missed them very much in the second book "The dark army". Not that they would be so essential but they always added quite some flavour, feeling and atmosphere to the stories.

Quite curious of what you are about to do with Grimalkin: Will you make her "a wanderer between worlds"? That could be interesting. At daylight things would have to be solved without G. if she only can be there in the nights.

The big question remains: What are you planning for the "Spook-Universe" in 2018?


Yes I like the cover very much and it is definitely Grimalkin. We will try to get chapter heading illustrations but the publisher has the final decision on those. I like those too but we can only ask.
Sorry but you will have to wait until the book is published but the epigraph (now on the website) states the rules that Grimalkin must abide by. She is definitely a creature of darkness and of the night!

by Dieter