Questions & Answers

I'm right now after the first 100 pages of "The dark army" and it appears to me that Grimalkin seems to have lost her good judgement and makes plenty of wrong assumptions, bad decisions and terrible mistakes.

Why is that so?

Has her hatred for the Kobalos overcome her judgement? Is she having a "very bad day"? Is she underestimating the Kobalos (well... she definitely seems to be) or finally met a task that is too big for her? Or did you just wanted to make her more "human", more fallible?

I'don't know, I continue reading of course, but I'm seriously questioning myself what had happened to Grimalkin, the steely warrior who never could be surprised or outmatched by anyone. It's probably the years... ;-) ?


Yes I do fear that Grimalkin has become obsessive. So great is her hatred for the Kobalos and her outrage at what they do to human females that it is making take risks and cause trouble for her allies. She is certainly shown to be fallible.

But even when you read to the end of the book do not write her off! There is more to come

by Dieter