Questions & Answers

I'm so annoyed that Tom took Alice back so easily! I loved them as they were in the other books and really thought that they could be a couple but not after she betrayed him the way she did. I know she explained it but he just seemed to forgive her so easily and it makes me think that Tom is a bit of a soft touch and an idiot!


I think that Tom was under a lot of stress and pressure when he took Alice back so that may excuse him! I do not think he is a soft touch and although in recent books he has wavered and been controlled by others, I have tried to finish the series on a high. Tom is darker than you think and at last we see what he is.

In the third book 'The Dark Assassin' Tom is back to his former independent strengths. There are deaths, disasters and the biggest challenge yet for the Tom and Alice relationship. When you've read that let me know if you still feel the same.

by Rebecca