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Hi Mr. Delaney! I'm Lois, and it really feels good asking my favorite author! So, I'm already 13 years old, and believe it or not, I'm an aspiring author AND I'm writing my own novels. So far it's good, but there is only one problem that I have: I'm pretty good at procrastinating at doing stuff (mostly writing my stories). Can you please give me an advise on how I can change this trait? Sometimes I also feel down when my negative side tells me that my story is like the stories of other great authors, and that's when I start procrastinating. Please give me an advise, and if you reply, thank you so much because this is my first time asking an author! Thank you very much, keep writing awesome books, and hugs and kisses! From your biggest fan, Lois.


The main thing that you should do is keep writing. The people who get published are the ones who never give up! Most published writers have had the same feelings as you. I remember it well. But you must try and be disciplined. Find an hour a day (my hour was before I went to work) and write something. Save everything that you do. Original ideas are hard to come by. One little bit of what you have already written may be the spark that one day might blaze up into something very original. Put your ideas in notebooks too even if you have no time to develop them fully. I sat on 'The Spook's Apprentice' idea for over eighteen years before reading my own notebooks and discovering its possibilities.

Good luck with your writing. Never give up!

Best wishes

Joseph Delaney

by Lois