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Only recently have icame across these books and became addicted.i truly felt upset when coming upon the last book, i enjoyed the series so dearly. Though upset by the ending i eventually accepted it as appropriate for the drama was definitely more emotional and realistic opposed to a happily ever after one.i later learned about the starbladechronicles, after being sceptical i very much enjoyed the start so my question is:
As we eagerly await the next book i read that though there is possibility of more than 3 starblade books(as i read was the case for the wardstone series which ended up having more books than intended) it WAS certain that there wouldnt be nearly as many as in the wardstone books. This i was upset to hear, for the experience of these books has been such a great one that i (and im suree most fans) dont want it to come to an end. Is there a possibility of a further series beyond the starblade chronicles or will the adventure end here?


It could be the end of Tom Ward's adventures but I do plan to write at least one more Grimalkin book. After that it depends on when and if inspiration comes to me. Also on whether Tom and the whole County survives the attack of 'The Dark Army' (which is the title of Book Two)

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