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Me and my children have listened to your books for years now and have LOVED every minute of it. The new book series is diffent but still good. Hope some people dont leave to quikly but maybe are revived?... I wanted to ask you how you ever passed off on the movie? We were all so EXITED to see the movie and see the world come ALIVE!!! Then we watched it... If we could have gotten our money back we would have. Exept for the Title of the movie NOTHING else is AT ALL CLOSE TO BEING RIGHT!!! WHAT THE FREEK!!??? Is there ANY way you can get it remade like Marvel remade the HULK. I REALLY dont think fans would mind. In fact I REALLY think they would chear you on!! Im sure you know how big of a stinker the movie was. Whats your thoughts about it all?


As I have said previously I am not responsible for the movie in its present form. I signed the contract eight years ago and the movie people subsequently made many changes and I was powerless to stop them. There were three different directors and at least four screenwriters and they all made changes. This often happens with film adaptations of books and it makes readers angry. If I had been allowed to exert any control the movie would have been far closer to the book. Hope you continue to enjoy Starblade Chronicles and look out for Arena 13 out this week. best wishes

by Chad