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So i asked you a while ago regarding the seventh son film, i stated that i believed it would be a flop as the story had been changed into anither piece of hollywood tripe. Now that the reviews are out, getting 3/10 on imdb, and 30/100 on metacritic, and seeing as it only just made back the money that was wssted on it, do you regret turning your amazing books (i cant stress enough how much i love the books) into a terrible film? i hate the fact that you have ruined your lovely books. You have greatly dissapointed many many fans of the books. I did warm you when i mentioned the golden compass and eragon. But obviously you did not take the warning to heart.


I am not responsible for the movie in its present form. I signed the contract eight years ago and the movie people subsequently made many changes and I was powerless to stop them. There were three different directors and at least four screenwriters and they all made changes. This often happens with film adaptations of books and it makes readers angry. If I had been allowed to exert any control the movie would have been far closer to the book. best wishes Joseph

by Chris