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I really can't get enough about alice betrayal that's why i read the Spooks revenge and a new darkness every night and as 17 year old Girl i would not replace a Good looking lad by just an old man and also mab was a malevolent witch but he love tom.
Is it really Alice kissing lukarsta? or it was Grimalkin using an illusion ? Is Alice hurting Tom because he don't want him to intervene about her plans because he might die in the wardstone binding the kabalos god? After all she always do it "risking her self to save tom" . Did james got release by Alice ?

I'm sorry for my questions if it's bothering you!!


I can’t answer all your questions because it will give too much away. But I will say this. In the next book ‘The Dark Army’ Alice returns and explains to Tom why she went off with Lukrasta

by gail