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Hello Mr. Delaney it's me again Gail from Philippines hope you visit here someday along with Tom, Jenny,Alice, and maybe with ONE DIRECTION!.
(I hope you answer all my questions about Alice mystery)
Does her full moon mark on her thigh means that she's now a fully pledge witch?, "she said to Tom that she belong to the dark after opening the doomtryte"' she was not a witch when she was living with Tom right? but has the potential to become a powerful witch, that's why she can still cross running water at that time and it's one of the reasons why old Gregory did not put her in the pit. About her Powerful dark magic she was born with it, she just use it in times of need because she knew that when she use it always she will be a witch, then why does she betray tom? she has a choice right?Grimalkin is a malevolent and mab also, but they choose to fight with Tom? so why does she's with lukarsta? she can do good things using her magic like when she cured emiyl's mom.


I think I can confidently say I won't be visiting with One Direction, but you never know one day I might come with Alice and Tom.
You need to read ‘The Dark Army’ to know the answers to these questions. But yes Alice is a fully-fledged witch but in theory she could still fight on Tom’s side. That is what Grimalkin has been doing.

by gail