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I have just finished the Dark assassin, and I am wondering whether there will be a continuation of the story past what this book has? I read that this is the final installment of the series, so is this the end?



hello mr. Delaney
I have read both wardstone and starblade series and I'm really sad that the story has come to an end. I have a little question,could you please tell me what are Jenny's eyes colors? I'm a little confused you said the left one is blue and the right one is brown but when I was reading the sample of the dark assassin I saw that you wrote the right one is green,so which is the correct one?!
from ur biggest fan


Hi Mr.Delaney,

I absolutely love your books and just finished The Dark Assassin. I am wondering if you will continue with Toms story and his adventures past the starblade trilogy? His story surely isn't over?

All the best,



Hi. Have you ever thought to extend the Spook's series universe to Asia ? They have a lot of mythology that could fit well in some stories. Japanese folklore is full of mythical creatures such as Yūrei and the Kappa. In the chinese mythology, there is a creature called The Nian, that has the potential to become a great enemy for the heroes.


The third book dark assassin was great I hope for more books because the ending left me wanting more of a answer on grimalkin jenny Alice and Tom and what's to come of the county


Dear Mr. Delaney,

First of all, I loved the final book of the Starblade Chronicles. You surely ended the series on a high, and I think it's one of the best books you've written. Therefor, I'm really hoping that someday there will be another book revolving around Tom, Alice or Grimalkin. Do you have any plans for a new installment like this as of now? Furthermore, I was wondering if we will ever find out what happend to Slither, as we haven't seen from him since "The Dark Army".

Kind regards,


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